Hope to see you Sunday at 10 AM
Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like?

  • Trinity worship in a relaxed, casual environment. We sing 4-6 songs led by a full band with drums, guitars, piano, and vocalists. We wil pray, sometimes with words on the screen, or led by a worship leader. Each week we open up the Bible, read God's message for us, and hear a 20-30 minute sermon.  

What about my kids?

  • You will notice there is a buzz most Sundays from the kids. We love our kids and have lots of opportunities for them to learn and grow. Each week, we offer a staffed nursery for our little ones from birth to 3 years old.

Where do I park?

  • Parking is in the lot behind the building. The main entrance and sanctuary are near the double doors under the awning.

What do I wear?

  • Whatever is most comfortable for you. Most of our people wear jeans and dress in some sort of business casual. We are not too worried about what you wear—if you're most comfortable in a hoodie, go ahead and wear it!

 Got more questions?

  • Email pastor@tcc-online.org with any inquiries or questions.