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NOTE: Versiti had to cancel the JUNE 2021 Community Blood Drive due to a lack of staff.  If you were scheduled for this Drive, you should have already been notified; if not, please reschedule for the upcoming July date!!


Trinity wants to see lives saved -- and not only on Sunday mornings!  Our community partnerships allow us to have a positive impact on our community all week long. One such partnership is our connection with Versiti (f/k/a as the Blood Center of Wisconsin).  Each month, Trinity's sponsors a community blood drive to provide life-saving support to our area hospitals and emergency responders. 

Just think: in less than 30 minutes, you could change the lives of up to three people in crisis. You can be a super-hero without having to jump over tall buildings!

Our last drive resulted in a potential life-saving impact on over 60 patients! We're hoping to top that this month, so we are excited to announce the next Blood Drive is taking place on the third Saturday of this month (future dates are listed to the right), from 9 AM to 1 PM!

Wondering about Covid-19? Donating is safe, quick, and easy, and we're taking a huge number of steps to clean, disinfect, and distance to insure you can continue to play a vital role in saving other lives. If you also donate platelets, there will be an option to sign up for platelet donations on Saturday!

Walk-ins are welcome, but to insure social distancing and avoid wait times, we suggest scheduling an appointment online by clicking the [Register] button below, or by calling 877-232-4376.